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Brittny Gastineau Steals One Of Best Friend Kim Kardashian?s Looks As She Steps Out In Precariously Low-cut Corset Top
By shennasumm, 16.01.2014, 20:28

Oh god. Kris has clearly been spending WAY too much time with Kanye West, as his natural Yeah yeah, yo yo, uh yeah skills seem to have rubbed off on her a little bit. A very, very, VERY little bit. She and Nicole donned matching sideways snapbacks, waved their arms around in the air for a while and gave Kim her own personal rap concert, spitting some rhymes about men being their weakness.

Kim Kardashian shares super-cringey video of Kris Jenner and Nicole Richie rapping in snapbacks - WATCH

I really doubt it. And if you are not thick-skinned enough to be called a name by some ignorant KID, then how on earth are you able to stand watching a KID get beat up while unable to protect himself? Remember, kids, shes built a career off her porn video, reportedly has been involved in threesomes , and has cheated on two husbands this isnt a withering flower with thin skin. She was following mama Kris orders to set up Kanye, 36, by acting distraught over the comment and forcing Kanye to defend her.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Set Up Kanye West To Beat Up Harmless 18-Year-Old Boy ? Want Genius in Jail

The series chronicling their quest for love in New York City. Drawing attention: The 31-year-old breezed past a doorman on her way out of the club Bundle up: The New York native had a fur jacket slung over her bare shoulders as she left the club According to an October report from Page Six , Brittny will be starring in a new reality TV series in which she will try out extreme beauty treatments, Brittny's show is expected to be produced by none other than her longtime friend Kim, and it will be based on her lifestyle and beauty blog, One of the extreme treatments she's said to be trying out on the series is getting her lady parts steamed. Shape wear: The beauty showed off her toned abs in her sheer, revealing bustier top In a clip on E! News , the star is seen gearing up for her treatment, saying: 'I just went through a break-up so I am very excited to get, like, a fresh start.' She explains that the V-steam 'cleans out anything if you have an ex-boyfriend or hormonal stuff going on or if you want to get pregnant - which, I'm not trying!

Kim Kardashian Films Her ?New Fave Rap Group!? You?ll Never Guess Who They Are

According to a source close to Kardashian, a man called the reality TV star a "n----- lover" and hurled obscenities at her. Kardashian, who was en route to a meeting at that time in Beverly Hills, was left "shaken," the source said. Kanye West Claims Self-Defense in LAX Paparazzi Altercation The source told ABC News that the confrontation began as a young man tried to help Kardashian into the building, and called the photographers racial and homophobic slurs. When Kardashian told him that language was inappropriate, the source said he turned on her.

Kanye West Is a Battery Suspect After 'Shaken' Kim Kardashian Was Called a Racial Slur

After a particularly stressful week dealing with Kanye West s newest legal troubles, Kim Kardashian cheered herself up by goofing around with childhood pal Nicole Richie and mom Kris Jenner . Kim shared a Keek video yesterday, January 16, in which Nicole and Kris complete with baseball caps turned to side enthusiastically perform Salt-N-Pepas rap, Shoop. My new fave rap group, Kim captioned the video of Nicole and Kriss performance. In the video, the fashion designer and the momager bop up and down, stumbling through the songs words while Kim can be heard giggling in the background. Spending time laughing with old friends is probably just what Kim needed this week.

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